Military intelligence: North Korea supplying 122 mm, 152 mm shells to Russia

North Korea has supplied Russia with around one million rounds of ammunition, mainly made up of 122 mm and 152 mm artillery shells, Vadym Skibitskyi, a representative of Ukraine's Military Intelligence (HUR), said in an interview with RBC Ukraine on Jan. 15.

North Korea's Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui arrived in Russia on Jan. 15 as the two countries foster closer relations, including in weapon supply cooperation.

The ammunition deliveries took place "throughout the fall," according to Ukrainian intelligence. A South Korean lawmaker reported in November 2023 that North Korea had sent over a million artillery shells to Russia, citing what South Korean intelligence officials had told him.

"This is precisely the deficit that Moscow has in terms of projectiles, and it cannot cover at the expense of its own production," Skibitskyi said.

Information about North Korea's supply of ballistic missiles to Ukraine is still being collected and assessed, Skibitskyi said.

The interview was referring to the news that Moscow has deployed North Korean-supplied ballistic missiles in attacks against Ukraine earlier in January.

Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin said on Jan. 11 that investigators have gathered preliminary evidence that Russia used a North Korean missile against the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on Jan. 2.

"The results of preliminary scientific and technical examination confirm that the missile launched against central Kharkiv on Jan. 2 is a short-range missile produced in North Korea," Kostin said.

South Korea also warned on Jan. 11 that its northern neighbor may also sell Russia new types of tactical guided missiles as the two countries strengthen their military cooperation.

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