Mike Posner climbing Mount Everest, raising money for Detroit law firm

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Mar. 29—He already walked across America. Now Mike Posner is climbing the world's tallest mountain.

Posner, the Southfield-raised singer-songwriter-adventurer, is planning to climb Mount Everest in May. And in doing so he's raising money for the Detroit Justice Center, a Detroit nonprofit law firm.

Posner chose the Detroit Justice Center to honor his late father, Jon Posner, who was a criminal defense attorney in Detroit for 40 years. He died in 2017.

"They're doing criminal justice reform work in my city that would make my dad beam with joy," Posner said in a video posted Monday announcing the climb.

Posner has set up a Go Fund Me for the climb with a goal of raising $250,000.

The 33-year-old has been training to climb Mount Everest for a year and a half, since he finished his six-month walk across America in 2019.

The Grammy nominee — his smash single "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" was up for Song of the Year in 2017 — recently got an online boost when his 2010 single "Please Don't Go" trended on TikTok, with thousands of users creating videos to the song.

Posner's most recent album, the concept piece "Operation: Wake Up," was released in December, and his upbeat single "Momma Always Told Me" was released earlier this year.