Middle Tennessee dispensary owners share why they left their careers to open cannabis business

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The pace of life, the stress of work, all while finding time for family can lead to anxiety, pain, sleep issues, and other health problems.

Rather than seeking prescriptions or over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, more and more people are seeking natural remedies. Hemp, CBD, and other cannabis derivatives became legal six years ago and they’re growing in popularity.

Kron Cannabis Dispensary is set to open its third location in Middle Tennessee and has been in business since 2018.

“The reality for what cannabis has done for me in my own life is life-changing,” explained Kron Cannabis owner Jake Seipel.

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Jake and Sima Seipel opened Kron Cannabis Dispensary when Congress approved the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, defined in the legislation as the cannabis plant. They have been very successful.

“Oh, I ask customers ‘How did you hear about us?’ Most of them say my friend told me, my boss told me, my doctor told me. This business for us is built on the word of mouth and experience of folks who come in here and try it,” said Sima Seipel.

Along with their five children, Kron now operates dispensaries in Franklin, Nolensville, and Nashville. Customers come seeking relief, relaxation, and a better physical life.

“Sleep. Pain. They kind of go back and forth, then stress, anxiety, things of that nature, then the list kind of goes down from there. We even have customers come into our stores who have their doctor that are sending them to us because the doctors are actually understanding the health realities to what cannabis is,” said Jake Seipel.

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The Seipels know there are skeptics who don’t believe as they do and don’t believe there is a medical good coming from cannabis.

“I always say please do your homework and experience it for yourself before jumping to conclusions. Just experience it for yourself, that is the best way you know.”

Besides selling these hemp-based products, the Seipels both use them daily.

“At all to this point in my life, the only side effect I’ve gotten out of it is better health, closer to my family, and less pain,” said Kale Seipel.

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The Seipels abandoned their profitable real estate careers to open Kron to help their children, who were taking medications for anxiety and ADHD and then began using marijuana to seek relief, eventually getting arrested.

“Because of our kids, we got into this business. It was because of their health and wellness that we decided to invest ourselves and our energy and our time and our money into looking into what was going to give them the health benefits. Our kids went from being C and D students to graduating from high school now and college. That to me is amazing,” explained Jake Seipel.

The Seipels said their goal is to find the correct product and the correct dosage that offers the relief the individual seeks from pain or stress or whatever And each individual reacts differently.

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“So what I try to do is find that personal thing that is personal to whoever is coming into my shop, whether they like gummies, whether they like to smoke, whether they like to have tinctures or they like the creams, whatever that is; and I’m trying to test a couple things, then to come back and let me know how they feel. But as long as you understand that very simple science, the plant was meant for the body and the body for the plant and you find out which parts of that plant work with your body and what out of balance you are, then it is very simple. Just continue.”

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