Microsoft won’t sell Mature-rated video games in the Windows 8 Store

Dan Graziano
BGR News
Microsoft busted trying to pay bloggers to write nice things about Internet Explorer

Critics of Microsoft’s (MSFT) upcoming Windows 8 operating system have another alarming decision to protest: It’s been revealed that the software giant will not sell or support any game with a Mature rating in the United States and a 16+ PEGI rating in Europe, Rock Paper Shotgun reported. The company’s latest controversy, which was discovered in its Windows 8 app certification requirements, is puzzling due to the fact that Microsoft not only allows M-rated games on its Xbox 360 video game console, but it also publishes many of them. The Redmond, Washington-based company has previously come under fire from a number of influential members of the gaming industry for its rules and regulation of the Windows 8 store. Microsoft is scheduled to release Windows 8 on October 26th.

[Via Forbes]


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