Microsoft trying to make Windows RT work as a phablet OS

Brad Reed

Microsoft Windows RT Phablets
Microsoft Windows RT Phablets

Think consumers are confused by the differences between Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT? Just wait until Microsoft unleashes Windows RT: Phablet Edition. ZDNet reports that Microsoft is still trying to find uses for its tablet-only Windows RT platform, which has of late become even less relevant now that Intel has come out with its line of power-saving Haswell chips that should give a major power boost to tablets running on Windows 8. Microsoft’s solution, says ZDNet, is to make Windows RT the go-to platform for Windows phablets by blending elements of the operating system in with Windows Phone. The good news about this is that it will pave the way for Microsoft to have a single common store for Windows Phone and Windows RT apps that will presumably run on both platforms.

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