Microsoft Thinks the Stars of Pawn Stars Are Going to Stop You From Buying a Chromebook

Jordan Valinsky
Good acting. (Photo: Microsoft)
Good acting. (Photo: Microsoft)

Good acting. (Photo: Microsoft)

If you have a Google Chromebook on your holiday shopping list, Microsoft is trying its best to Scroogle-shame you from buying one. The computer company released a new television ad yesterday with the stars of something called Pawn Stars that tries to convince the public that Chromebooks are crap.

In the one minute and thirty second commercial, a woman tries to offload her Google-built laptop at a pawn store (?) so she can get money for a ticket to Hollywood (??). The stars of the History Network show then mock her purchase, saying that it's a "brick" and lambastes the perfectly fine working computer for not having iTunes, Office and viruses. 

The ad bizarrely continues with other head-scratching lines dialogue, as noted by TechCrunch:

“See this thingy,” Pawn Stars lead Rick Harris says, pointing at the Chrome logo on the laptop. “That means it's not a real laptop. It doesn't have Windows [so Macs aren't real laptops, either?] or Office. Without Wi-Fi, it doesn't do much at all – and when you are online, Google tracks everything you do so they can sell ads. That's how you get Scroogled.”

It should be noted that there are plenty of apps for Chromebooks that run offline and not having the clunky Microsoft Office suit loaded on to a computer isn't the world's worst thing. It's also not a Surface, so.