Microsoft Surface Joins Twitter and Facebook [VIDEO]

AJ Vaynerchuk
Microsoft Surface Joins Twitter and Facebook [VIDEO]
Taking the Tablet to New Heights

Remember Surface, Microsoft's foray into the tablet market? Well, Surface is back stirring up the tech world again this weekend with the launch of Twitter and Facebook accounts. Surface is set to launch on Oct. 25, though not much has been heard from Microsoft since its unveiling earlier this year.

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Announced in June with a provocative YouTube ad, Surface hopes to compete with the iPad and Android tablets that dominate the market.

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As of this writing the Twitter account has more than 10,000 followers and nearly the same amount of Likes on its Facebook page. Are you interested in the Surface? Would it replace your current tablet? Let us know in the comments.

Taking the Tablet to New Heights

Microsoft thinks Surface can redefine the tablet with dual USB ports, thin-yet-sturdy construction and a cover that reveals a fully functional keyboard complete with trackpad.

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