Microsoft reportedly racing to make sure Windows Phone 8 comes out on time

Brad Reed
BGR News
Nokia Lumia 920 will only be an AT&T exclusive for six months

We now know why Nokia (NOK) didn’t announce any release dates for its first Windows Phone 8 devices: Because Microsoft (MSFT) still doesn’t know exactly when Windows Phone 8 will be ready. The Verge reports that while Microsoft had wanted to release Windows Phone 8 ahead of its Windows 8 operating system this October, the company has now had to rearrange its schedule a bit because it is unsure of whether or not the smartphone OS will be done on time. 

As of right now, The Verge says Microsoft will most likely release Windows Phone 8 on October 29th, the same day it releases its other Windows 8 operating systems. The site also projects that if Microsoft meets its revised deadline for Windows Phone 8, then Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 devices will likely launch on November 2nd.


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