Microsoft offers $100 discount to XP users upgrading to Windows 8 PCs

Jacob Siegal
Microsoft may do the unthinkable to make you dump XP, Vista and Windows 7

It’s crunch time for Microsoft as support for Windows XP will finally wind down for good on April 8th. In order to convince the stragglers to convert to its latest operating system, Microsoft is offering $100 of instant savings upon the purchase of select Windows 8 PCs over $599 when upgrading from Windows XP. If you’re in the market for a cheap netbook or an affordable desktop, you’re probably out of luck, but anyone with a slightly larger budget that wants to upgrade to Windows 8 should take this opportunity to shop around.

Microsoft highlights the HP ENVY TouchSmart laptop and Lenovo ThinkPad S1 Yoga on its website, but you’ll have to visit a retail location or get in touch with a Microsoft Store employee for the complete list. It’s also worth noting that although Surface tablets will be available through this offer, Surface 2 tablets will not. You’ve got until June 15th to take advantage of the offer.

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