Microsoft finds a hilarious way to market a game you’re not supposed to know is coming to Xbox One

Unless you’ve been paying close attention, you might be convinced that Destiny is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. This couldn’t be further from the truth — in fact, Bungie’s highly anticipated FPS is launching on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One next week, but because of an advertising deal between Activision and Sony, Microsoft has been prohibited from promoting the game for its consoles. But rather than accept its fate, Microsoft has found a clever way to let everyone know that Destiny will be coming out on Xbox One as well.

Meet Destiny, the new fragrance by Xbox.

Ok, so this isn’t a real fragrance, but it is a way for Microsoft to advertise for Destiny without upsetting Bungie, Activision or Sony in the process. If you scroll down far enough, you’ll be thrown inside the bottle of perfume (cologne?) where links to a few online retailers in the UK are listed.

It might not be as flashy as the live action trailer that aired during the NFL game last night and it might not bring all the exclusive maps and weapons to the Xbox version of the game, but it certainly got our attention.

Destiny will be available for Xbox One (and a few other consoles) on September 9th.

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