Microsoft confirms Windows Phone 8 devices are upgradeable

Windows Phone 8 Upgrade
Windows Phone 8 Upgrade

Microsoft (MSFT) struck a nerve with customers when it revealed that smartphones running Windows Phone 7 could not be updated to Windows Phone 8. This will not be the case for Windows Pone 8 with the company’s rumored Blue update, however. Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager at Microsoft, confirmed to PCWorld that the company has “an upgrade path going forward” for Windows Phone 8 devices. The executive added that Microsoft’s current mobile operating system is also powerful enough to adopt to new hardware components, something Windows Phone 7 had trouble with.

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“Windows Phone 8 can evolve. We have an architecture that enables portability and is fundamentally hardware independent,” he said. “As the market evolves and customer requirements demand it, we’ll evaluate options.”

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Sullivan also revealed why Microsoft didn’t hold a press event at this year’s Mobile World Conference. He explained that the company has adopted a new commitment to the “shut up and ship” philosophy, adding that Microsoft is “not going to do this thing where we announce the next version [of Windows Phone] months and months before it’s available.”

The executive did manage to tease some future Windows Phone devices, though.

“Over the course of the next several months, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some exciting new devices and more interoperability before we start talking about what [operating system] is next,” he concluded.

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