Microsoft introduces new Bing logo and search resdesign

Daniel Bean
Yahoo News

Since the introduction of its Windows Phone OS a few years back, Microsoft has kept busy trying to conform all of its brands to its  "flat" design look. Windows 8, the Office software suite and Microsoft itself have all received flat new logos.

Now, it's Bing’s turn.

Microsoft on Tuesday unveiled a new logo for Bing, its struggling search engine, as well as a slew of new features meant to help it compete against Internet search giant Google.

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Bing’s new logo certainly falls in line with all the other design changes under the Microsoft umbrella. As reported by The Verge, the angular, orange and white “b” symbol now replace the oblong Bing “b” of old, and the font type used for the brand’s name now matches Microsoft’s.

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Microsoft, of course, says the changes are about more than just looks. Also launching with the new logo are a redesigned and enhanced version of the Internet site, including Page Zero, a results pop-up that appears as you type, and Snapshot, a Google Now-looking feature that provides information in panes. Microsoft didn't give a firm release date for the changes to roll out, only hinting that the changes will start to appear soon. .

You can see a preview of the new Bing right here.