Microsoft announces huge sale on classic Xbox 360 games

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Xbox 360 Games Sale
Xbox 360 Games Sale

With all the action shifting over to the Xbox One, Microsoft is offering some very special deals for any Xbox 360 gamers who want to pick up some classic older games they may have missed the first time around. Microsoft Xbox Live programming director Larry Hryb announced on Tuesday that Microsoft is offering very deep discounts on some best-selling Xbox 360 titles of years past, although you’ll have to hurry to take advantage of them. The first part of the sale, which only lasts between now and Wednesday, includes discounts of at least 67% off for games such as Dishnored, Halo Reach and Bastion. The second part of the sale will last until February 25th and will include a larger selection of games such as Mass Effect, Portal 2 and Bartman: Arkham City that will sell for anywhere from 50% off to 93% off. You can get the full list of games over at Hryb’s blog.

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