Microsoft admits that Windows 8 sales are lagging behind Windows 7

Jacob Siegal

Microsoft Windows 8 Sales
Microsoft Windows 8 Sales

Although Windows 8 license sales appeared to be keeping pace with Windows 7 within the same time frame for the first several months, updates from Microsoft became less frequent as time passed. As Windows 8 approaches a year and a half on the market, The Verge reports that Microsoft has taken the stage at a Goldman Sachs technology conference to announce that sales have finally reached 200 million. To put that number into perspective, Windows 7 had reached 240 million license sales in a single year, and that number has been climbing by the hundreds of millions every year since. From what we’ve seen of Windows 8.1 Update 1, Microsoft is moving in the right direction, but tweaks and bug fixes won’t be able to right this train alone.

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