Microsoft's Q2 earnings better than expected


Washington, Jan. 24 (ANI): Microsoft's earnings for the fiscal second-quarter are reportedly better than market expectations, despite the company's pending announcement about any replacement for outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer.

The software company reported sales of 24.5 billion dollars and 78 cents per share, whereas, Wall Street had predicted it to be 23.7 billion dollars with a profit of 68 cents per share.

According to Cnet, the earnings report stated that Microsoft's Windows OEM revenue went down by 3 percent, highlighting the company's 'continued softness' in the consumer PC business, while the Windows OEM Pro revenue went up 12 percent.

Revenue from its Surface range of tablets went up from 400 million dollars in the first quarter to 893 million dollars in the second quarter.

The Xbox unit sales totaled to 7.4 million units, revenue from its search engine, Bing, went up by 34 percent, and its commercial revenue went up by 10 percent to 12.67 billion dollars, the report added. (ANI)