Who was that masked man with a snowblower?

Yahoo News

A Michigan man with a snowblower is being hailed as a hero by his neighbors after he cleared their driveways and walkways in subzero temperatures, unprompted and for free.

"When the snow first started to fall here, I noticed I had a couple neighbors that were out here trying to shovel," Brian Torrey, of Battle Creek, Mich., told Fox 17. Temperatures in Battle Creek dropped to minus 11 degrees Tuesday, prompting Torrey to wear a face mask to ward off the cold bite.

Torrey says he bought the snowblower at a yard sale last year, but had yet to use it. "I decided to fire it up and get out here and start helping people," he said.

The 32-year-old's unselfishness warmed some neighbors' hearts.

"I was kind of surprised because it's been a long time since we've had a neighbor do anything like that," one of Torrey's neighbors told the network. "A lot of them don't do their sidewalks half the time."

He offered to pay Torrey, but Torrey refused.

"I wish there were more people that did stuff like this, you know?" Torrey said. "You're not out here trying to make a buck, you're just trying to help people out."