Michigan man wins $1 million lottery for the second time

Jay Busbee
Yahoo News

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A Michigan man has won $1.35 million in the state lottery. That's nice and all, but here's the real news: It's the second time he's won $1 million-plus in the last two years. 

Joseph Palmarchuk, who moved to Michigan in 2011, first won the lottery just a few months after he arrived. At the time, he predicted he would have another big win, and just this week, he did. 

“You never know how your Karma is going to present itself,” Palmarchuk said.

According to Michigan Lottery Connect, Palmarchuk and his wife, Phillis, closed off their bucket list with the first $1 million. (That's a nice phrase, isn't it?) They also helped out their seven children, 23 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. They will use this next windfall to move out of Michigan during the winters. 

Palmarchuk is likely to find a few more friends in the coming months, as he expects another large win in the future. Any tips, friend? 

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