Michelle Keegan is the perfect replacement for Lacey Turner in Our Girl

In case you haven’t watched BBC One’s incredible drama, Our Girl, before, you’re missing out. Lacey Turner previously ran the show but now that she’s preoccupied with causing drama in Albert Square, reprising her role as Stacey in EastEnders, former Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan has taken over the role of the “2 Section” medic in season two.

When I first heard the casting news I felt uneasy - Lacey Turner did such a fantastic job in the first series, alongside Iwan Rheon, that I couldn’t imagine a new cast member bringing the same heart and emotional depth to the show. I wondered whether the show should even continue with only one remaining cast member. How wrong I was…

Aside from the leading lady, some other things have changed going into series two - the setting has switched from Afghanistan to Kenya and things are more dangerous than ever, as we immediately discover that Corporal Georgie Lane’s (Michelle Keegan) six week humanitarian tour is taking her to a place where there is plenty of unrest and armed enemies at every corner. Naturally, within minutes there will be casualties and we quickly learn that the other side may be more tactical than they let on.

Ben Aldridge is the aforementioned returning actor, gracing our screens again as the delightful Captain James. His character offers our connection to Lacey Turner’s Molly, quickly letting us know what she has been up to, and it is revealed that he and Molly are old friends with Georgie.

This is one of the reasons why Michelle Keegan is a great addition to the cast - as she speaks about Molly, you can imagine the two characters being friends and, as Captain James quickly proves himself to be her shoulder to cry on, it is clear that Georgie and Captain James will look out for each other during the series.

Joining Our Girl seems to be a great career move for Keegan as the drama allows her to show off her great acting range. The show has everything - romance, comedy, action and plenty of drama and Keegan excels in every aspect.

Unfortunately, due to the press attention that has followed Keegan since she was first introduced to us on Coronation Street, it’s easy to forget just how talented she is - by the end of the episode you will realise that during the more dramatic scenes you will be watching with bated breath, and that’s only expected to continue as the series goes on.

Within minutes you’ll forget that Michelle Keegan didn’t front the show previously and you’ll warm to Corporal Georgie Lane quickly, just as we did with Lacey Turner’s Molly.

Be prepared to have many questions by the end of the first episode, and to be desperate to see what’s next.

(Image Credit: BBC)