Michael W. Asimos is a Proud Supporter of the Bitcoin Foundation

In a Recent Blog, Asimos Explains His Renewed Interest in Cryptocurrency and His Decision to Join the Bitcoin Foundation

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2017 / Michael W. Asimos, a cigar connoisseur and investor in cryptocurrency, is pleased to announce that he is now a proud supporter of the Bitcoin Foundation.

To read a recent blog post by Asimos titled, "My Cryptocurrency Ventures," which explains more about what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are and why Asimos has a renewed interest in them, please check out https://michaelasimosblog.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/my-cryptocurrency-ventures/.

As Asimos noted in his new blog, after hearing from several friends and colleagues about their successes in investing in cryptocurrency, he decided to join the Bitcoin Foundation to take his already budding interest a step further.

"Cryptocurrency is essentially a digital asset intended to be used as an exchange medium," Asimos explained in the new blog, adding that it is a type of electronic money that uses cryptography for transaction security and to manage the creation of other units of the currency.

"In 2009, Bitcoin became the first decentralized cryptocurrency. Today the three most popular types of cryptocurrency include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum."

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs across a number of industries, Asimos wrote. For example, major players within the cigar industry - which he is very familiar with - are becoming very interested in the electronic currency. Fine Cigars Australia, the largest premium cigar retailer in Australia, is now accepting cryptocurrency after a number of customers requested it.

The Bitcoin Foundation is a group of people who are devoted to standardizing, safeguarding, and promoting the use of Bitcoins all around the world, Asimos wrote.

"The mission of the foundation is to coordinate the efforts of its members, assisting in the creation of awareness of Bitcoin benefits, how it is used, and related technology requirements for regulators, technologists, the media, and all other stakeholders," he wrote.

In addition, the vision for the foundation is for Bitcoin to become an accepted method of storing and exchanging value around the world. People who would like to join the Bitcoin Foundation may do so for a monthly membership fee of $10, or $100 per year.

Benefits of membership are numerous, Asimos wrote, adding that they include accessing special offers and exclusive discounts for partner and foundation products and events, and receiving a monthly members-only update report from the Executive Director about operational and financial aspects of the foundation.

About Michael W. Asimos:

Michael W. Asimos is a cigar aficionado and a cryptocurrency investor. Learn more about Michael by visiting his blog, https://michaelasimosblog.wordpress.com/.


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