Miami’s King of Tape hits NYC. Swimsuit models strut in strategically placed adhesive

Getty Images/Herald file

They’re backkk: Those swimsuit models wearing just tape. Yes, tape.

Miami designer Joel Alvarez has been the talk of the town at New York Fashion Week after sending out his infamously risque swimsuits made of the household item.

Alvarez made a splash with his sticky creations at Paraiso Swim Week last July in Miami Beach, managing to raise eyebrows in one of the sexiest cities in America.

Judging by the current weather in Gotham, we hope they had good heating at the Ziegfeld Ballroom on Sunday.

No catwalkers were harmed during the making of this production: Alvarez uses a special kind of adhesive that works on skin and does not leave any residue when removed.

The fashion photographer turned designer first made headlines in 2017, when, on a lark, he dressed up Miss Puerto Rico for a charity event in Haiti in gold metallic tape for a shoot. Her glittery getup went almost immediately viral.

“My emails, DMs and phone blew up with requests for TV and radio interviews, articles in national news outlets as well as magazines,” Alvarez said of the barely there attire. “I was so shocked.”