This Miami-area doctor wants to help women who can’t afford surgery. It’s to honor mom

Dr. Joshua Lampert misses his mom more than usual when May comes around.

Adele Lynn Lampert died in March 2020 at 68. She battled for over a decade with metastatic pheochromocytoma, a rare form of cancer that spread throughout her body.

This May, in honor of her memory, the board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon in Aventura is offering free reconstructive and medically necessary plastic surgery to moms in Florida who are underinsured or don’t have insurance.

“She was always really proud of the charitable projects that I did, and the surgical mission trips, so I thought — instead of moping around and being depressed on Mother’s Day — do something I think she would be proud of,” said Lampert, 46, who is certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is an assistant professor at Florida International University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine.

Adele Lynn Lampert with her son Joshua Lampert.
Adele Lynn Lampert with her son Joshua Lampert.

Lampert’s office is accepting online applications and nominations for the free surgeries until April 21. His team will review the applicants and select a limited amount of patients. He’s not looking for women who want Brazilian butt lifts, a popular procedure in Miami. He’s also not looking for moms who want facelifts, rhinoplasties or breast enhancements for aesthetic reasons.

Instead, his inaugural A.L.L. For Moms Charity Surgery Day (named after his mom) is for mothers who need financial help with cancer, traumatic and burn reconstruction surgery, C-section scar revisions, acquired or congenital deformities and breast reconstruction, including breast reduction and breast implant removal.

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Reconstructive surgery is pricey and can cost thousands, barring many who are underinsured or without insurance from the procedures, he said. He’s not sure how many free surgeries he’ll schedule yet, but he plans to schedule them for May 21, his mom’s birthday. She would have turned 72 this year.

The surgeries will be conducted at his ambulatory surgery center in Aventura, 20200 W Dixie Hwy. His mom, an interior designer, designed his office while undergoing cancer treatment, her last project.

Dr. Joshua Lampert with his mom Adele Lynn Lampert.
Dr. Joshua Lampert with his mom Adele Lynn Lampert.

“There is arguably no greater love than that of a mother for her child. This treasure is something that I can never fully grasp, but better understand now after losing my own mom. I appreciate her more and more every day,” said Lampert. “Since my mom passed away, I have been ever so humbly more fortunate to witness my wife bear our own first son. My mom, Adele, always loved and supported my charitable efforts in surgery. I think she would be proud of this day, taking care of other moms in need, in the surgery center that she created.”

How to apply

While any mom in Florida can apply or be nominated for the free surgery, the patient will have to meet certain surgical and financial criteria to be considered. This includes showing proof that the patient can’t afford medical services (proof of income will be required), is not enrolled in a private health insurance plan and is not a current or previous patient.

And while Lampert said any mom in Florida can apply, she must be able to return to the Aventura office for follow-up appointments. The patient must also be considered a “low-medical risk.” Lampert says his medical team will determine if a patient meets the criteria, though generally speaking, a “low-medical risk” patient is someone who is healthy, doesn’t smoke or uses drugs and is not considered to be obese (BMI under 30).

For the full list of requirements and to apply, visit