Mexico's first openly non-binary magistrate found dead

STORY: Mexico's first openly non-binary magistrate, Ociel Baena, was found dead at home on Monday.

Authorities say they are still investigating the cause of death.

Baena, who used they/them pronouns, was also a prominent LGBTQ activist.

They were celebrated across Latin America for work advancing the rights of the LGBTQ community.

The state prosecutor of Aguascalientes said Baena's body was found with another person, whom local media identified as Baena's partner.

"We have not found any other piece of evidence that would lead us to establish that a third person entered the house. We also know that the two people were a couple and that they lived at that address."

Baena was sworn in as magistrate in October last year.

LGBTQ activists held vigils and demonstrations in the magistrate's honor on Monday night in Aguascalientes, as well as Mexico City, Monterrey and other major cities.

Human rights organizations are calling for an investigation into whether Baena's death was related to their gender identity.