Mexico says Swiss man killed in Acapulco robbery

MEXICO CITY (AP) — An 84-year-old Swiss vacationer was stabbed to death in an apparent robbery attempt at a home in Acapulco before dawn Thursday, authorities in the Pacific resort said.

Prosecutors in southern Guerrero state said the man's wife was wounded in the attack. Officials did not release the man's name or hometown, and the Swiss Embassy in Mexico City did not respond to calls and email requests for comment.

Acapulco and the rest of Guerrero state have been plagued by gang violence and are currently subject to a level-four "do not travel" advisory by the U.S. State Department.

In another part of Mexico, a railway supervisor and a local police officer were ambushed and killed while investigating a blockage of train tracks in the central state of Puebla, authorities said. The attackers fled.

Thieves in Mexico often pile up boulders, rocks or tree trunks on tracks to force trains to stop. The thieves than pry open freight cars and steal the contents.

The attack occurred on a rural stretch of railway between the cities of Cordoba and Puebla.

Puebla state police said the supervisor worked for the Ferrosur rail company.