Mexican actress Verónica Falcón talks about her role in the horror film ‘Imaginary,’ calling it a rare opportunity

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Mexican actress Verónica Falcón said she loved playing the role of Dr. Elena Soto in the horror film ‘Imaginary’ for a big reason.

“I love playing Dr. Soto because it’s very rare that as a Latina actor, you get to play a woman of science, a woman that is successful and, a doctor, you know,” said Falcón, “And there are many doctors and many women of science in our community, but we rarely get to portray them in film.

“So that’s one of the things that I love about playing Dr. Elena Soto,” Falcón said of her character as a therapist who specializes in children.

In ‘Imaginary’, Soto is the therapist for Alice, played by child actress Pyper Braun. Falcón’s character plays a key part in the PG 13 movie now in theaters.

“She’s a voice of reason, the voice of science. She’s the one that tries to explain the inexplicable, you know?” said Falcón of Soto.

Veronica Falcon as Dr. Soto in Imaginary now in theaters.
Veronica Falcon as Dr. Soto in Imaginary now in theaters.

The horror film that taps into the innocence of imaginary friends. When Jessica (DeWanda Wise) moves back into her childhood home with her family, her youngest stepdaughter Alice (Pyper Braun) develops an eerie attachment to a stuffed bear, Chauncey, she finds in the basement.

As Alice’s behavior becomes more and more concerning, Jessica intervenes bringing Dr. Soto only to realize Chauncey is much more than the stuffed toy bear she believed him to be.

The way the doctor character was written in the script was the main thing that captured Falcón wanting to be part of the project, but she also loved “the idea of imaginary friends and taking them into the horror realm.”

“I think it’s fascinating... I know very few people that did not have an imaginary friend growing up. I mean, I know I did, you know, I don’t remember their names. I don’t remember how long they were in my life. But I do remember playing with my imaginary friends,” Falcón said. “I think it’s fascinating how rich is, the imagination of children.”

Falcón, who emigrated to the United States in 2015, said she also liked that ‘Imaginary’ is women saving women.

“You know, they save themselves or not or whatever it is that happens. It’s really, a female-oriented project, and I, I like that very much,” said Falcón said.

Known for “Queen of the South” and “Ozark,” Falcón shared that she has been a fan for many years of actress Betty Buckley, who plays Gloria in the film.

“And just the fact that she is in this film, you know, and that I get to meet her was like a big, beautiful thing for me, you know,” Falcón said.

While Falcón likes working in all movie genres, she said “Imaginary” is a little bit of psychological horror that people would enjoy.

“This movie has a bit of everything, you know, it has a bit of psychological horror, and it has a bunch of other things, that are really thrilling to watch and really scary,” Falcón said, adding that people are going to like Imaginary and have a good time. “It’s very balance.”

“I think especially teenagers are really going to have a kick out of this (movie),” Falcón added.

The cast of “Imaginary” Los Angeles Premiere At The Grove on February 29, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
The cast of “Imaginary” Los Angeles Premiere At The Grove on February 29, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

At a Glance

Imaginary (PG-13)

Genre: Horror

Directed by: Jeff Wadlow

Written by: Jeff Wadlow & Greg Erb & Jason Oremland

Cast: DeWanda Wise, Tom Payne, Taegen Burns, Pyper Braun, with Veronica Falcon, and Betty Buckley