Mermaid Toast Is the New Breakfast Obsession That’s Almost Too Pretty to Eat

It’s official: Avocado toast is old news. While you might think you’re taking your breakfast meal to the next level by adding a poached egg or some brightly colored fruit on top of that avo-smeared bread, it’s still kind of boring. The reason? The invention of mermaid toast is now completely overshadowing any other variation of a bread-based meal, making avocado toast seem rather bland.

Mermaid toast, created by Miami-based food stylist and photographer, Adeline Waugh (@vibrantandpure), features swirls of color—primarily blues and green—to imitate the look of a mermaid’s tail. Waugh makes the gorgeous shades using blue-green algae powders that she mixes with almond milk cream cheese, adding bits of nuts or sprinkles on top of the spread for a fairy tale effect that we just can’t get enough of.

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According to Waugh, there’s no good reason for why she decided to whip us up something so magical, other than the fact it’s pretty to look at. “I am a food stylist and I like to create beautiful things using food—I've never claimed to be starting a trend or a putting out a new recipe that is super practical—it's 100% impractical, I just like to play around in the kitchen and attempt to create something aesthetically pleasing and unique from time to time,” she wrote on one of her Instagram posts.

Waugh is no stranger to magically-themed food, she’s also one of the early inventors of unicorn toast which is just as breathtaking as her recent mermaid toast creations. See some of our favorite toast examples below and check out Waugh’s Instagram account for more colorful food inspiration.

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