Mentoring Alliance makes its way to Abilene

ABILENE, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) – A new nonprofit organization is making its debut in Abilene, expanding from locations in Tyler and Waco. Mentoring Alliance has been in Tyler for about ten years. However, leaders have been working to expand to the Key City for the past two years.

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Cameron Thompson is the Summer Campsite Coordinator for Mentoring Alliance and moved to Abilene in November 2023 to positively impact the Key City. The organization focuses on vibrant faith, academic success, and emotional resilience. The program consists of a summer camp, an after-school program, and a mentorship connection program. Thompson explained that from a young age, he had always known he wanted to be a teacher.

“We want to be in the corner for these kids so that they can also be set up for success. I always wanted to be a teacher so that I could be there when a kid needed it because I know I needed it when I was a kid, especially just strong leaders in my life to point me in the right direction,” Thompson stressed.

He is prepping for the Mentoring Alliance summer camp program, which kicks off on Monday, May 27, at Stafford Elementary. City Councilman Dr. Travis Craver, the executive director for the Abilene region, is excited to jump-start a mentoring alliance that will impact the lives of many.

“If you feel like God is calling you to that space, you just make time for it, and you do it. It’s not Mentoring Alliance coming into Abilene and saying, ‘Hey, you need us.’ It’s more Mentoring Alliance coming into Abilene and saying, ‘What are some ways we can collaborate with some good work already being done,'” added Dr. Craver.

Craver also stressed the importance of investing in our youth.

“Students who are a part of Mentoring Alliance see a dramatic increase in their retention and their scoring in those areas,” said Dr. Craver.

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The Mentoring Alliance is partnering with Abilene ISD to provide educational learning as well. Thompson is one of many who are ready to make an impact on Key City.

“They provide teachers for us to be able to, every day, do 45 minutes of math and 45 minutes of reading. It’s really cool to be able to sit down with our kids twice a week with our kids and do what we call life labs and teach them what it looks to be forgiving, what it looks like to be someone of integrity, what it looks like to be truthful,” explained Thompson.

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