Mel B And Daughter Phoenix Flaunt Their Summer Bodies In Pour Moi Lingerie Campaign: ‘It’s All About Feeling Fabulous’

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Mel B brought out her daughter Phoenix, 24, and her mother Andrea, 65, on the shoot for the Own Your Confidence campaign launched by lingerie company Pour Moi. The Spice Girl posed in swimsuits and lingerie alongside her family to boost women’s confidence, no matter their ages.

“I love working the Own Your Confidence campaign with Pour Moi; it’s all about feeling fabulous, feeling confident and celebrating women of all shapes, sizes and ages. It’s about being real, not being edited and not taking ourselves too seriously,” she told Women’s Health UK in an interview.

“I love that it was a collaborative experience,” she added. “It was my idea to include my mum and my daughter at the shoot and we had so much fun! I love their lingerie and swimwear and how it makes me feel.”

Mel B defended posing alongside her family members in skin-baring outfits, highlighting the campaign’s goal of empowering women.

“My mum’s 68, I’m 48, Phoenix is 24,” she said. “This campaign was more about women coming together. It wasn’t like ‘look at me,’ and it was ‘look at all different ages, all different body shapes,’ and we all feel confident in what we’re wearing and confident in our skin.”

Some of the Own Your Confidence campaign proceeds benefit UK Charity Women’s Aid, a charity that works toward ending domestic abuse for women and children. In 2018, Mel B became a charity patron after leaving what she says was an abusive relationship with her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte.

‘I was in [an abusive] marriage for 10 years whilst I was doing America’s Got Talent. So I would be on camera, which was my safe space — at work, and then I’d go home to domestic abuse. And I lived like that for 10 years in complete shame and guilt,” she told Women’s Health.

She opened up about her experience, hoping it would empower survivors who may be following her.

“When you come out of any kind of abusive relationship… you come out of that really lost and really broken and the only person that can get yourself back to even a smidgen of what you were before is you, and that takes a lot of, you know, talking, a lot of understanding, a lot of therapy,” she said.

“For me, like many of the survivors, your power has just completely been taken off you,” she added. “I was isolated from my family and friends. That’s why this shoot is particularly important to me to come together with my daughter or my mum and just show that unity.”