Megyn Goes Glam: Fox News Anchor Stuns in Sexy Magazine Photo Shoot

It's Megyn Kelly as you've hardly seen before, posing seductively for a provocative new photo shoot for The Hollywood Reporter.

In magazine's latest issue, she is photographed in a low-cut, white slip dress with her blonde hair tousled. In another photo, she's lounging on a chair in a white blouse with cut-outs.

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It was quite a change of pace for the conservative Fox News anchor, who graces the cover of the magazine's most recent issue.

In it, she discusses her new book, Settle For More, feminism, and her time at Fox News, including the claims that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her. Ailes denies all allegations of sexual harrasment.

"When [sexual harassment] happens at the hands of a CEO, it is particularly dangerous because [to] whom are you going to report it?" Kelly said. "Especially at a company like Fox, where Roger Ailes was like a king. What, are you going to go down and talk to HR? Good luck with that. How do you think that's going to go for a first-year reporter? It is so disheartening.”

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She added: “The whole thing is very confusing. I can still look back and see that he treated me well for a lot of years, and we had a good relationship for most of my time here. But when you learn the full extent of what he was doing, just the gross abuse of power, it's … I don't want to use the word 'unforgivable' because it's not a good word; forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself.

"But it's a game-changer. And it's tough to see him as a good person still, you know? I don't understand how a good person could do the things he did. But it's a loss. I feel a sense of loss."

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