Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom's Extradition Delayed

Alex Fitzpatrick
July 10, 2012
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Kim Dotcom: Megaupload Is Almost Back

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, the founder who's wanted by U.S. law enforcement but living in New Zealand, can breathe a little easier for a few more months; His extradition hearing has been delayed.

Dotcom's extradition hearing, originally scheduled for August, has been rescheduled to March 2013, according to .

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The cause of the delay? Late last month, a New Zealand judge used in the search and seizure of Dotcom's assets and Megaupload's servers to be invalid. The court has not yet decided what to do with evidence collected under those warrants.

"It was inevitable that the hearing for August was going to be vacated because we have two existing cases in the High Court," William Akel, one of Dotcom's lawyers, told Reuters, referencing two separate cases involving the evidence collected under the invalid warrants.

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Akel added that he was "disappointed" because he wants the hearing to happen "as soon as [it] can."

Dotcom, whose real name is Kim Schmitz, is wanted by the FBI on charges of making $175 million through copyright infringement. He was arrested along with three other Megaupload staff in January, when New Zealand authorities raided his home and confiscated equipment on a U.S. request. He was jailed for a month before being released into house arrest. He has recently , thanking supporters and announcing an upcoming product.

Megaupload, one of Dotcom's websites, made it possible for users to share files with one another. The website's servers have been seized by law enforcement, but users and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are fighting to reclaim data legally stored on the site.

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Until recently, Kim Dotcom was the top Modern Warfare 3 player in the world. He even apparently posted to prove it. We imagine it's tough to maintain such a coveted position while being held in jail for multiple copyright violations.

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