#FF: Megan Amram

Jason Gilbert
Megan Amram
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Comedian Megan Amram, via The Super Slice.

by Jason Gilbert | @YahooTech

For this week's Follow Friday interview, I forwarded ten questions to comedian, writer and Twitter must-follow Megan Amram, and told her that she could answer them with any mixture of seriousness and levity she preferred. Below are her answers, which are totally consistent with her hilarious, absurd and unpredictable Twitter account, which you can follow right here.

Enjoy the interview below, and I'll see you on Jrindr.

If your Twitter handle wasn’t @meganamram, it would be…


A lot of Twitter users probably only know you from your funny tweets. What do you do when you’re not tweeting?

Either writing sum tweets on pieces of paper and puttin em up my butt or studying literature!

Can you remember when you first heard about Twitter? What did you think at the time?

I first heard about Twitter when I invented the site Twitter and decided to name it Twitter because my name is Mark Zuckerberg, and I invented Twitter, hello!!!

Has Twitter changed your life in any appreciable way?

It's been really great for my professional life because I invented it. I created Twitter, then Facebook, then Grindr, then Jrinder (Jew Grindr.)

If you could take over one corporate Twitter account, which one would it be, and why?

Cosmo, and then just tweet at successful women like Hillary Clinton and Christiane Amanpour to put their fingers in their men's butts. TICKLE THOSE PROSTATES GIRLS OTHERWISE YOU ARE USELESS PILES OF MEAT!

What Twitter trends, catchphrases or lingo should be banned from the site?

Stupid abbreviations like YOLO (You Only Live Once) and WWSYF (Work Will Set You Free.) Just spell the whole darn thing out!

If you weren't a comedian, what would you be doing? What was your backup plan?

Back up plan was to throw everything into my lil start up, Facebook.com!

For someone who doesn't follow you on Twitter: What can they expect from your tweets?

Jokes, tweets, yuks, LOLs, goofs, bits, smiles!

Your Twitter bio features a quote from your mom about weird "anti-comedy," which seems like an awfully hip phrase for a mom to utter. How would you describe your mother?

My mom is so cool. Please contact me if you'd like to date her and be my new dad.

Finally: Who are your favorite fellow tweeters? If you could issue one big national #FF, who would you give it to?

It should go without saying that @robdelaney is the king of Twitter. I love @serafinowicz so much. @fart really makes me LOL. @pushinghoops is so funny and intelligent and politically challenging. But what do I know?! I'M JUST MARK ZUCKERBERG!!!!!!!!!

You can follow Megan Amram on Twitter right here. And read our previous Follow Fridays with Rob Delaney, Tim Ferriss, Ken Jennings and Rainn Wilson.