Meet Midas, the viral kitten with four ears

Midas has become an internet star with over 73,000 followers.

The cat was adopted by Canis Dosemeci in the Turkish capital Ankara after being born in a friend's backyard with six other siblings.

Dosemeci said she and her husband fell in love with her at first sight and decided to take her in, believing her chances of adoption are lower than her siblings due to her unique condition.

According to her vet, the additional ears do not affect her health or hearing in general. What makes her special from other cats with similar genetic abnormalities, is that all four of the earlaps are connected to the ear canal.

Midas is currently living with two Golden Retrievers, Suzy and Zeyno.

Her name comes from the mythological king of Phrygia who was cursed with donkey ears.