Medvedev begins to threaten that Russian army might attack Lviv

Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of Russia, has said in an interview with Russian propagandists that to achieve "goals" in the war, the Russian army may go not only to Kyiv but also to Lviv.

Source: Kremlin-aligned news outlets

Quote from Medvedev: "Nothing can be ruled out here. If we have to go to Kyiv, then we have to go to Kyiv, if we have to go to Lviv, then we have to go to Lviv in order to destroy this infection."

Details: According to Medvedev, the Russian leadership wants to achieve all "goals" in the war against Ukraine. Medvedev calls this the "defence" of the territories. "In the broadest sense of the word, [it is necessary – ed.] to create a sanitary strip," he said.

Medvedev pointed out once again that Russia is not fighting against Ukraine, but against NATO.  "I will say only one thing, something that is already obvious – the Russian Federation is not at war with Ukraine... our country is at war with NATO’s 3.6 million-strong army," he said.

Background: Previously, Medvedev lied in an interview that Ukraine is part of Russia and that the West underestimated the Kremlin's determination to start a war.

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