Medtronic launches 2 new implanted heart devices

Associated Press

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Medtronic has put two new implantable heart devices on the market after receiving approval from federal regulators.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the sale of the Viva heart resynchronization devices and Evera implantable cardioverter defibrillators. Cardiac resynchronization therapy devices are used to treat heart failure and implantable defibrillators are used to treat rapid heartbeats.

The devices have longer battery life and can last up to 11 years, and they also contain new technology to reduce unnecessary shocks to patients, the company said.

The Viva products can reduce the rate of hospitalizations for heart failure in the first year after they are implanted, and Medtronic said the devices are able to continuously adapt to the patient's needs and preserve normal heart rhythms.

Shares of Medtronic Inc. rose 12 cents to $47.84 in morning trading.