Media: Ukraine hits several Russian military facilities in occupied Crimea

Ukrainian forces struck several Russian military facilities in occupied Crimea with drones early on Dec. 5, Hromadske media outlet reported, citing its anonymous sources in law enforcement.

One of the facilities targeted by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the country’s military intelligence agency (HUR) was the Marine Oil Terminal in Feodosiia, Hromadske’s source said.

There are about 30 fuel tanks on the territory of the facility, which provides fuel for the Russian military, the source said, adding that the consequences of the Ukrainian attack were "quite significant."

Russian Telegram channel Baza previously reported that two drones had attempted to strike the oil terminal at around 5 a.m. Moscow time. However, according to Baza, Russian air defenses shot down both drones and their debris allegedly fell on the facility’s territory.

On the same morning, the SBU also hit a Nebo-M radar system near the village of Baherove in eastern Crimea, as well as a military helicopter parking lot, a P-18 Terek radar complex, and the control system of the Baikal-1M anti-aircraft missile units elsewhere in the peninsula, another source told Hromadske.

Kyiv hasn’t issued any official comments on the alleged drone strikes in Crimea.

Russian Defense Ministry claimed earlier that its forces had intercepted 41 Ukrainian drones over Crimea and the Azov Sea overnight and in the morning on Dec. 5.

The ministry’s claim couldn't be independently verified.

Over the recent months, Russian-occupied Crimea saw an uptick in Ukrainian attacks in an attempt to disrupt Russian logistics and derail its southern defenses.

A strike on Crimea on Nov. 10 resulted in the sinking of two Russian high-speed landing crafts by a Ukrainian surface drone.

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