Mecole Hardman tells Jimmy Kimmel about antics at Chiefs’ Vegas party, his huge necklace

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Who would dare wear a Dallas Cowboys jacket to a Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl celebration?

That would be rapper Post Malone.

And Brittany Mahomes “wasn’t having that,” Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Monday night.

Kimmel, who attended the Super Bowl in Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, wanted all the post-game tea from Hardman, who scored the winning touchdown and made the rounds of talk shows Monday.

He is the guy of the moment, the surprise hero who started the season as a New York Jet and in October wound up back with the team that drafted him in 2019. When he walked onto Kimmel’s stage he held up his hand and pointed to a bare finger where he soon will wear a third Super Bowl ring.

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. after scoring the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl Sunday. Tammy Ljungblad/
Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. after scoring the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl Sunday. Tammy Ljungblad/

When Kimmel asked “who got the wildest at the party,” Hardman sorta begrudgingly outed his teammate, punter Tommy Townsend, with a “sorry, Tommy.”

When Hardman mentioned that Malone — who sang “America the Beautiful” before the game Sunday — performed at one party, Kimmel said, “He’s a Cowboys fan though, right?”

“Yeah, Brittany wasn’t having that,” Hardman said.

He described how the co-owner of the Kansas City Current soccer team and wife of Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes “jumped down from the section and was like ‘I can’t take it.’”

Hardman said he didn’t know what was happening.

“I’m thinking someone did something or something. She said, ‘Nah, Post got a Cowboys jacket on. He gotta put a Chiefs jacket on.’ And (she) literally went on stage and gave him a Chiefs jacket.”

“Well yeah,” Kimmel said. “You can’t wear a Cowboys jacket at a Chiefs victory party. It’s ridiculous.”

“Shouldn’t do that at all, actually,” Hardman said as the crowd laughed.

Kimmel also asked Hardman about the giant diamond necklace around his neck, his signature chain with a huge pendant shaped like a jet.

Hardman had the piece made by Al the Jeweler at Labelle Jewelry in New Jersey, according to the New York Jets website Jets X-Factor. The jeweler is known for creating custom, over-the-top diamond bling for professional athletes.

Hardman helped design the necklace, made with more than 100 karats of diamonds and a half kilo of gold, according to the Jets site. It has three pendants shaped like jet airplanes. The biggest one in the center has a cockpit door that slides open revealing a mini Hardman inside.

“Hey what is that necklace? What’s going on there?” Kimmel said. “That’s your nickname, right? Jet. Which is weird because you started the season as a Jet.”

“I did,” Hardman said.

“And then man oh man, did you get lucky, huh?” Kimmel said as Hardman and the audience laughed.

“For real. I kinda don’t want to think about it,” Hardman said.

“It’s like you walk into a Motel Six and they’re like, ‘We’re sorry we have no vacancies, you’ll have to stay at the Four Seasons,’” Kimmel said.

“Glad to come back to the team that drafted me. and glad they wanted to trade for me,” Hardman said.