McConnell to push vote on relief bill set to fail

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is prepared coronavirus relief bill to the floor Wednesday that is expected to fail. (Oct. 21)

Video Transcript

MITCH MCCONNELL: The legislation before us is neither Republican nor Democrat, neither of us idea of a perfect bill. I think we're all clear on that. But it would move us past Speaker Pelosi's all-or-nothing obstruction and deliver huge support right now for the most pressing needs of our country.

If this relief does not pass, it will be because Senate Democrats chose to do Speaker Pelosi's political dirty work rather than stand up for struggling people. So, Mr. President, let's not go there. Let's find our common sense, agree where we can, and advance this legislation while we debate the rest. The American people deserve action.

CHUCK SCHUMER: So what's the logic here? Well, there is a perverse logic, if the Republican leader wants to make sure that the bill fails. And that's sure what it looks like. It's clear why Leader McConnell is forced to do these stunts. A good portion of his caucus opposes more relief to the American people.

So it's not Democrats who are blocking a real relief bill. We know that. Everyone knows that. Speaker Pelosi is still trying her best with the White House to get a deal. We've already offered to meet Republicans halfway. The biggest obstacle to another relief bill from the very beginning has been Senate Republicans and Leader McConnell.