McCain: Ryan Reminds Him of Palin Choice

John Aloysius Farrell
National Journal

Sen. John McCain said on Sunday that Mitt Romney's selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate reminded him of his own game-changing choice in 2008. Choosing Ryan was "a pretty bold choice," McCain said, just like his pick of Sarah Palin.

"I am still proud of my running mate," McCain, R-Az., said on Fox News Sunday. "I am proud of Sarah and her family."

McCain acknowledged that his selection of Palin came to overshadow his own campaign, at times, in 2008. But whatever attention Ryan garners at Romney's expense, McCain said, would be beneficial, due to Ryan's "intimate knowledge" of the fiscal issues that the next president will immediately confront in 2013.

The "first 60 or 90 days" will be crucial, McCain said, and Ryan will be able to help Romney steer a Republican budget plan through Congress.

"Paul Ryan brings the balance (to the ticket) of understanding how the Congress works, how the budget process works," McCain said.  "There is nobody who knows these issues better than Paul Ryan."

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