McCain Calls GOP Primary 'The Nastiest I Have Ever Seen'

National Journal Staff
March 18, 2012

Senator John McCain called this year’s Republican primary race “the nastiest I have ever seen.”

The Republican senator from Arizona, who ran unsuccessfully in 2008, said that GOP election rules on how delegates are apportioned, the increasing role of super PACs and the glut of negative television advertising has made this year’s contest especially difficult.

“It’s gone way too long and gotten way, way too personal,” he said on NBC’s Meet the Press. “Attacks on character and all of that have been very unfortunate. And, again, who has benefited from it? President Obama.”

McCain, who has endorsed Mitt Romney, said he did not expect a brokered convention, despite the drawn out primary season.

“Mitt Romney will tell you…he’s got to do a better job.” McCain said. “He’s working on doing a better job. He’s got to focus more on the economy. He’s been giving major speeches on the economy and jobs and I think he is improving dramatically as a candidate.”

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