McAfee’s 2013 predictions: Mobile malware threats will grow, Anonymous will fade

Dan Graziano

Malware 2013 Predictions
Malware 2013 Predictions

Security firm McAfee Labs released its annual Threat Predictions report this week, highlighting the potential malware, viruses and other security concerns we may see in 2013. The firm says that with the rise of more advanced mobile devices, smartphones and tablets will become an even larger focus for cybercriminals. This past year we saw a number of high-profile attacks from the hacktivist group Anonymous that had the National Security Agency on edge, however McAfee Labs believes the group will begin to decline due to “incoordination and competition” from more politically-motivated hackers. It has also been predicted that the threat of large-scale attacks such as Stuxnet, which is believed to have taken down Iran’s computer infrastructure earlier this year, will increase as well.

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