Maya Roman: ‘All I can do is hope’ everyone is ‘doing everything they can’ to get hostages released

Maya Roman, whose cousin Yarden was kidnapped by Hamas in the October 7 attack, is meeting with senators on Capitol Hill to lobby for U.S. action to secure the release of the hostages. She joins Andrea Mitchell to share the struggles her family has faced since the attack. “All I can do is hope that everyone who was involved remembers that those are our loved ones there and really are doing everything they can to bring them back to us,” Roman tells Andrea. Regarding her cousin’s three-year-old daughter, she adds, “You can tell that she's going through something that no child should have to go through. She sometimes cries out for her mom and sometimes doesn't mention her at all because she feels that, you know, it's not safe to talk about yet. So, she's amazing, and in many ways, she keeps us all going.”