Massive rattlesnake blocked unsuspecting hikers out on a stroll

A couple hiking in Brown county, Indiana, were briefly blocked on a trail by a massive rattlesnake.

Abigail Kerns and her boyfriend Clayton Fleener were enjoying the day outdoors near near Lake Ogle on Saturday when the incident occurred, but fortunately, they were prepared.

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There were other reports of timber rattlesnakes in the area, so the couple says they were on the look out, but not for a snake that big, Fox 59 reports

"That's a big snake," Fleener says after filming the snake fully stretched across the trail. 

Thankfully, the snake went on its way without incident. 

Though common in the area, the timber rattlesnake is an endangered species in the state and is currently on the no-kill list, according to Fox 59. The snakes are venomous, and can grow over six-feet long.

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