Mass. high school crowns its very first transgender prom queen

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A student at Middleborough High School has become the first transgender prom queen in the history of Middleborough, Mass. (pop. 23,000 or so), the cranberry capital of the world.

Wearing a silver tiara and a purple sash, and clasping a bouquet of pink flowers, the prom queen, Cody Tubman, spoke to FOX News Boston about the accomplishment.

“I had like two people at the school be, like, oh, you shouldn’t win prom queen because you’re a boy. You should win prom king,” Tubman said. “I’m like, well, I’m a queen.”

Tubman also discussed her view of the political implications of her victory.

“It was surprising and it was exciting, ’cause I was like, we’re coming really far,” the high schooler reflected.

The senior has been dressing as a woman since sophomore year. Officials at Middleborough High have happily facilitated the cross-dressing, permitting Tubman to use female bathrooms and locker rooms freely.

Paul Branagan, Middleborough High’s principal, told FOX News Boston that he the students at the school have responded positively to Tubman’s choice.

“This is a community and a school community in particular that is very accepting and I think that’s a true testament to that,” the principal said.

Tubman’s mother told the station that she has been supportive since Day One as well.

“I leaned over and I gave him a big hug,” the beaming mom explained, with a fairly thick Boston accent.

“I thought people weren’t gonna understand and that’s what I was afraid of,” she added. “But, people did understand.”

In the fall, Tubman will attend Eugene Lang College in Manhattan and plans to major in visual and performing arts.

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