‘The Masked Singer’: Tiki tells Robin Thicke ‘I partied with your dad’ after elimination

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“The Masked Singer” cranked it up to 11 on “I Wanna Rock” night.

It was a night of celebrating rock ‘n’ roll on the Dec. 6 episode, as host Nick Cannon, as well as panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong, donned their best rocker looks.

It was also Group B's turn to rock out to legendary songs from rockstars like Kiss, Jon Bon Jovi and Mr. Big.

Additionally, "The Masked Singer" Season Three Banana and Poison front man Bret Michaels delivered a stellar performance during the episode. Kelly Osbourne, who was the Ladybug on Season Two, also made a special appearance as the clue giver.

Viewers were treated to performances by Tiki, Husky and Sea Queen.

See the highlights from the show below with not one, but two, celebrities unmasked during this week's episode.

What did each contestant perform?

Tiki kicked off the competition with a performance of “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” by Kiss. Husky performed next, singing “Always” by Bon Jovi.

Sea Queen returned to the stage and impressed the judges with her performance of Mr. Big’s “To Be With You.”

It was then down to the audience and panelists votes on who would go head-to-head in the Battle Royale. But first, one was unmasked.

Who was unmasked first?

Husky in the “I Wanna Rock” episode of
Husky in the “I Wanna Rock” episode of

Husky was ultimately the first to be unmasked following the performances.

Before he was unmasked, the panelists gave their final guesses on who was the star under the Husky costume.

Scherzinger and Thicke thought it was Ginuwine, Jeong guessed it was Lil' Romeo and McCarthy Wahlberg believed it was Brian McKnight.

Who was under the mask?

Under the Husky costume was Ginuwine.

“When you know, you know,” Scherzinger said after guessing it correctly.

Cannon then asked him why he decided to be a part of “The Masked Singer,” to which he replied, “I don’t know, man.”

“The opportunity presented itself and I was like, 'aight,” he joked, smiling. “I had fun, everybody was showing me love.”

Who won the Battle Royale?

It was down to Tiki and Sea Queen to go head-to-head in the Battle Royale, both performing “Nothin’ But a Good Time” by Poison.

It was a difficult choice as both impressed the panelists with their renditions. However, after the panelists and audience votes the celebrity who won and would be making it to the finals was Sea Queen.

Tiki was ultimately eliminated and would be unmasked.

Who was under the mask?

But before the second unmasking occurred, the panelists gave their best guesses.

Jeong said it was Jon Bon Jovi, McCarthy Wahlberg guessed it was Adam Lambert, while Thicke thought it was Jane' Addiction's Perry Farrell and Scherzinger believed it was Sebastian Bach.

Scherzinger was once again correct. Tiki was rocker and actor Sebastian Bach.

“I am just so over the moon right now because I’ve been a massive fan of yours,” Scherzinger said. “Yes, you’re a rock god, you’re a legend, but you’re a brilliant vocalist. You can do anything with your voice.”

Thicke agreed, adding, “Yes, very impressive.”

Bach expressed his gratitude for being a part of the show, before sharing a story about hanging out with Thicke's late father, actor Alan Thicke.

"I've never met Robin, but I partied with your dad," Bach said. "I partied with your dad and John Stamos and the Beach Boys. You're dad was hilarious. He was so funny and cool, but I'm Canadian too so we're all a little bit crazy."

Thicke laughed and said, "That's so cool."

Next week, Group C takes the “The Masked Singer” stage to see who makes it to the finale. In the meantime, see every the contestant that has been revealed this season.

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