Marvel Teases It's Time For Spidey to Renew His Vows in Summer 2015

Tony 'G-Man' Guerrero

It's a new day so that means it's time for another Marvel teasers. This one might be a little cruel, especially for Spider-Man fans. So far we've seen teasers for SECRET WARS, CIVIL WAR, AGE OF ULTRON VS MARVEL ZOMBIES,YEARS OF FUTURE PAST,PLANET HULK, ARMOR WARS, HOUSE OF M, INFINITY GAUNTLET, OLD MAN LOGAN, INHUMANS: ATTILAN RISING, THE END of the Ultimate Universe, AGE OF APOCALYPSE, and HULK: FUTURE IMPERFECT (click each title to see the teaser).

What is there to say?

Spider-Man revealed his identity to the word in Civil War. Aunt May got shot and there wasn't any hope for her. It ended with Peter and Mary Jane making a deal with Mephisto (although this seemed to have been changed in One Moment In Time). The cost was Peter and Mary Jane's 'perfect' relationship in order to restore his identity and save Aunt May. Throughout, we saw the daughter they would never have. Now this...

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