Martin O'Malley on Romney's Tax Plan: 'Big Bird Meets the Big Lie'

Lara Seligman
National Journal

After Mitt Romney's claim that he would cut government funding for PBS sparked an uproar during Wednesday's debate, Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland seized on Big Bird's newfound political capital to jab Romney on his tax proposal.

"The fact of the matter is in this debate we saw Big Bird meet the big lie," O'Malley said on Fox News Sunday.

O'Malley pointed to what has become a Democratic talking point: that Romney's proposal to cut income taxes 20 percent across the board and cut corporate taxes by 30 percent would add up to a $5 trillion tax cut, mostly for the wealthiest Americans.

During the debate and afterward, Romney has vehemently denied that he ever proposed a $5 trillion tax cut for the rich, saying that he would offset the cut in taxes by eliminating certain tax breaks, though he has not yet specified which deductions he would cut.

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