‘Married To Medicine’: Lisa Nicole Cloud Threatens To Sue Toya Bush-Harris For Slander

"Married to Medicine" star Lisa Nicole Cloud
"Married to Medicine" star Lisa Nicole Cloud

Will Toya Bush-Harris face more financial problems courtesy of her Married to Medicine co-star Lisa Nicole Cloud? In a Facebook Live video that Lisa posted right after the latest episode aired on Sunday night, she threatened to sue Toya for repeating the rumor that her husband, Dr. Darren Naugles, had an affair with a man.

In her recap, Lisa talked about the “new beginnings” dinner that Mariah Huq hosted in her home for everyone. As viewers saw, the dinner wasn’t without drama, as Lisa brought up how offended she was over Toya’s comments, made at a previous group function, that she shouldn’t be trying to have another baby at her age and that she has nannies raising her children.

When Lisa confronted Toya about her comments, Toya replied that she feels Lisa is being fake. Toya added that Darren even said that he doesn’t want to have a baby. When Lisa lashed out that Toya’s tacky, Toya brought up the gay affair allegation. On Season 3, a man came forward and claimed to have had an affair with Darren.

“That’s your problem. You ain’t been boned in a motherf***ing long time…Don’t go there honey. Don’t go there honey…What’s tacky is you trying to have a baby with a dude who was called gay last year! Don’t ever say I’m tacky.”

In a confessional interview, Toya gave her opinion that Lisa was trying to put up an image that she’s fine despite really being unhappy over what happened last year.

“The reality of Lisa is that Lisa does not want to be home with her kids because her husband ain’t there either. And I think Lisa’s trying to prove to her husband that she’s okay and the world but really she’s not. She’s really very sad.”

In her Facebook Live video, Lisa first maintained that she spends quality time with her children and that Toya would have a nanny too if she could afford one. Lisa then claimed that Toya does have help with her children in the form of her sister, who she lets live with her but doesn’t pay despite ordering her around to do everything. Lisa gave her opinion that Toya was talking badly about her because she’s not happy with her own life, referencing the fact that Toya and her husband owe the IRS a huge tax bill.

“I know you might not be enjoying your life right now because of your IRS problems. I know that you yourself has some challenges in your marriage in the way that you talk to your husband.”

On the Married to Medicine Season 4 premiere episode, Toya revealed that she and her husband, Dr. Eugene Harris, owe the IRS $170,000 after he trusted someone else to handle their finances and taxes.

In her video, Lisa then cautioned Toya to shut her mouth regarding Darren, as Darren is not under contract and can sue others on the show for slander. Lisa pointed out that Toya doesn’t need more financial problems.

“As far as my husband goes, I would caution you to keep his name out of your mouth because sweetie, he’s not under contract and a quick lawsuit on your a** for slander would be very easy for us, and you don’t need anybody else attaching to your assets sweetheart.”

Lisa then claimed that Toya doesn’t even own her house.

“Oh I forgot, do you even have any assets? You rent your house. Ah! Silly me!”

Lisa gave her advice that Toya should move into the home that she actually owns instead of constantly trying to rent houses that are beyond her means just to keep up with the Joneses.

As viewers saw happen on a Married to Medicine Season 3 episode, a man approached Lisa Nicole Cloud’s co-star Quad Webb-Lunceford during a night out and told her that he secretly slept with Dr. Darren Naugles.

In August of 2015, All About the Tea published an interview with Damen Wayne, who claimed that he had an affair with Darren. According to Damen, they had “casual hook-ups within a three-week span” before he found out that he was married to Lisa. Damen claimed that when Darren was at his place, he would complain about Lisa, telling him that she emasculated him, always accused him of doing wrong, and signed them up to do the reality show without his consent. Damen further claimed that Darren gave him money and paid his rent, car loan and groceries for a month. According to Damen, the relationship ended after he suggested to Darren that he leave Lisa and he exploded in anger.

As the latest Married to Medicine episode aired on Sunday night, Toya Bush-Harris remained defiant when some viewers criticized her for bringing up the gay rumor. In response to one viewer who tweeted that it was just a rumor, Toya implied that it’s actually not a rumor.

Toya accused Darren of lying during the Married to Medicine scene about how Lisa couldn’t go into the room with him when it was time for him to give a sperm sample in their pursuit of having another baby. Clearly, Toya is implying that Darren just didn’t want Lisa near him.

Toya also denied attacking Lisa for a storyline.

Toya went on to proclaim Lisa a “pathetic,” “late,” “delayed,” and “sad woman.”

Lisa Nicole Cloud in turn tweeted that Toya Bush-Harris acts like an “a**” who is trying to deflect from her own unhappiness. Lisa also reminded everyone that Toya owes a huge tax bill.

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