Marquette Police Dept. opens applications for 2024 Marquette Police Citizen’s Academy

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WJMN) – Marquette Police Department is now accepting applications for their 2024 Marquette Police Citizen’s Academy. This is a six-week-long opportunity for the community to engage in learning about modern policing. Road Patrol Captain James Finkbeiner says the academy is a great way to learn about all different aspects of law enforcement, anything from the history of the MPD to active violence education.

“We have an extensive number of different activities that are planned for them, and they’re based around all the different things that our officers do in this department. Some examples: our K9 unit is going to come in and give demonstrations, they’ll get to meet the dogs which is always a highlight, and learn how they work and why they work and do what they do.

“We do use-of-force, that’s always a big thing. People have a lot of questions about what goes into use-of-force, how we handle those kinds of situations, the tools that we have to handle those and the techniques. One of the other pieces is we do a lot of extensive training in use-of-force whether it’s hands-on with our tasers, even a shoot/don’t shoot simulator that we have access to and they’ll get to actually participate in that shoot/don’t shoot simulator.

“They’ll get to do some hands-on work with our evidence technicians that we put out on scenes. They’ll actually be showing them some of the different things that we do. And they’ll get to do a hands-on type of thing with our prosecutors and court side that comes in and talks about the process and how those things work too,” said Capt. Finkbeiner.

Capt. Finkbeiner says the department loves doing these programs because it bridges a disconnect between the police department and rest of the community.

“It’s that familiarity, they get to meet officers in a different situation, ask questions, become a little bit more friendly with them understand how we do things, and a lot of times that can dispel some of the myths and some of the misunderstandings…so, anytime we can make that community engagement, get that that word out there, I think that’s a really good thing for both parties, the community and us,” said Finkbeiner.

Anyone 21+ in Marquette County is welcome to apply for the Citizen’s Academy. The academy will meet on Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m., April 3 – May 8. MPD is only taking 10 people to join the academy, and once they have picked those people to fill the spots, applications will close. So, getting your application in early is a bonus.

Click here for the application.

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