On the Market: $269K Buys Retro, uh, Front Door at 1961 Kirkwood Abode

Josh Green

Blame it on the "Mad Men" zeitgeist, but every home with the slightest element of mid-century flair has been trumpeting its "retro" style lately. This 1961 Kirkwood bungalow continues the trend, with a front door, carport and deep, straight eaves that recall the Kennedy era, but little else. For some buyers, maybe that's a positive. This two-bedroom, two-bathroom house was overhauled four years ago, which doesn't compensate for its size (1,040 square feet) but makes for an interior that's easy on the eyes. Priced at $269,900, it's loaded with stylish lighting, a fairly deluxe master bathroom, and a blindingly white but modern kitchen. The large back deck is a nice touch that could help compensate for the relatively tight living quarters inside, provided you don't mind the views of (retro?) glass blocks. The listing agent calls the "Retro-Modern" home a "meticulous jewel" and warns that Kirkwood lot prices "are climbing in the low $200's as are new construction in the $500's." This could make for a good starter home, or swell condo alternative for those who like hosting backyard shindigs — and mowing a little grass.
· 230 Sisson Ave. NE [Reltor.com]