Marjorie Taylor Greene Wishes Jews A Happy Purim. Oy Vey, Says Twitter.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “Happy Purim” wish for Jews on Twitter Monday wasn’t met with much holiday spirit.

The far-right Republican House member from Georgia has been accused of being an antisemite for advancing a conspiracy theory that Jewish space lasers caused wildfires, appearing at a white nationalist rally in 2022 with Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and making alleged anti-Jewish comments. She also has said the GOP should be the party of Christian nationalists.

Greene has denied being antisemitic and has tried outreach.

But many on Twitter weren’t buying her greeting for Purim, which commemorates a biblical Book of Esther story in which Queen Esther thwarted a plan for the Jews’ annihilation in ancient Persia. The holiday began Monday evening and runs through Tuesday evening.

One of her responders said Greene was Haman, the villain in the story.