Marjorie Taylor Greene Shares Fake Video of Pride Flag Tussle as If It's Real

Marjorie Taylor Greene and video screen shot
Marjorie Taylor Greene and video screen shot
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U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene has shared a video of an outraged mother confronting a teacher over the display of an LGBTQ+ Pride flag in a classroom. However, the video was staged, and Greene seems not to have realized that.

“GOD BLESS THIS MAMA!!!!!” Greene, an anti-LGBTQ+ Georgia Republican known for promoting conspiracy theories, wrote on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. “I stand with her!!! Teachers are paid by taxpayers — the PARENTS!!! Get the LGBTQ propaganda out of the schools!”

Greene shared only a brief clip of the video, showing the mother take down the flag, which was covering a map of the United States, and asking the teacher why it was hanging there. “This needs to go in the garbage,” the mother says of the flag. She says she’s teaching her son “to be a man” and that the instructor should stick to teaching history. The mom and the teacher go on to argue for several minutes over who has the right to do what in the classroom.

Greene shared the first minute and 22 seconds of the video. The full video runs six minutes and 41 seconds on Facebook, and toward the end, its creator, comedian Jibrizi, reveals it’s a skit and asks viewers for their comments. His videos portray exaggerated situations revolving around social issues, including pronoun use, abortion rights, and more, in order to gauge audience views. Independent journalist and activist Erin Reed noted that the account often shares anti-LGBTQ+ content.

Some commenters on X pointed out that the situation playing out in the video wasn’t real. The platform even added a disclaimer after receiving feedback: “This video was made by an independent production crew known for provocative classroom scenes with recurring actors and sets.”

Greene stuck to her narrative, however, commenting, “If this is a fake or a skit, it’s a very good representation of exactly how people feel.”

The congresswoman has made many ridiculous claims about LGBTQ+ people. She has said social media has influenced young people to identify as transgender and that there is a major conspiracy to turn everyone gay or trans, and therefore straight and cisgender people will become extinct.

She has also called the Democratic Party “the party of pedophiles,” claimed forest fires were started by “space lasers” in an effort organized by powerful Jews, and alleged that there’s a conspiracy to stop the consumption of meat. There is surely more to come.

Pictured: Marjorie Taylor Greene and video screen shot